Review of new Daily Fresh Blend actions.

One of the things I enjoy most about photography is after a session opening the photos up in Photoshop and starting the creative process of editing, for me its important to get as much right in camera as possible but I view my editing process as putting my personal stamp on my work and giving it that final polish.I admit that when I first started photography I bought way too many actions and many of them sat on my computer never to be used as they just didn’t suit my particular style but nowadays Im a lot more selective to the actions that I purchase and only press “buy” when I think they really be a benefit and actually get used!

Onto the reason for my post – Bellevue Avenue  have released today a brand new set of actions called Daily Fresh Blend and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to be a tester for the set. I admit to being very excited to receive the actions as Ive purchased some of their previous sets and always been extremely happy with them. This set is amazing and I dont use that word lightly, they are so versatile, so many options that I could honestly play for days and not get bored, they will suit so many different styles as there is matte, hazy and clean options, I also tend to shoot a lot of macros/nature and sometimes find that some action sets I have purchased suit these but not portraiture and the other way round but again Daily Fresh Blend I can use on everything I shoot – these are going to be used now all the time.

On Bellevue Avenues website you can find videos and tutorials to help you get the most out of this set and on their Facebook page you will find other tester examples – also if you purchase them today (12/06/14) you can get them for half price, which is a fantastic bargain.

Here are some examples of before and afters using Daily Fresh Blend actions:









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